Thursday, 3 October 2013

5 ways to finish the final assignment for the year

Most of us can relate to the end of the year slump especially if it's your final year. But assignments are still due and they need to be submitted.  You may be thinking, ' I've had enough, I just need to get a pass'. Now it's okay to think this because you've been studying hard all year and need a well- earned break, especially after all the ups and downs that life has thrown in, but keep this thought in your head. 
When your lecturer offers a re-submit don't reply to the email with 'will I get enough marks to pass the unit without the re-submit? I've managed to scrape through in my other subjects.'  If they specifically list the amendments that could be done in a few hours, it is easier to do them and get the assignment out of the way.

Here are five tips to get through that final assignment before your exams, prac or break:

1. Check off the marking rubric- look at the 'credit' column if you are just wanting to get this assignment out of the way.

2. Include an introduction and conclusion: tell them what you're going to tell them (intro), tell them (body), tell them what you've told them (conclusion).

3. Use the spell checker in your word processor - although it doesn't find all mistakes, you would be surprised the number of students that don't use this tool at all! 

4. Check referencing - don't lose marks for incorrect formatting of the reference list -references are a simple fix.

5. When you think you've completed the assignment, leave it until the next day to submit (if there's enough time before the due date). This allows time for one final read through and you might be surprised to find little things to fix that were missed the day before.

How do you get through writing the last assignment of the year?

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