Monday, 30 September 2013

5 ways to get your study motivation back

Lost you motivation to study? It's nearly the end of the year and you've probably only have a few assignments to go and possible an exam or two. Here are some ways to find your motivation and get going again with your study.

1. Take a studybreak and get some fresh air.
Take time out to think about what you've achieved already in your studies and what you still need to achieve this year. Break down the time you have left until end of year by the number of assignments or the number of weeks until holidays.

2. Talk about your study
Chat to others who are studying- this could be in person or on a forum.
This can re-inspire you especially when you get to talk about your own studies.

3. Get some exercise
This is a great way to get the blood rushing and oxygen to the brain. You'll feel more alert and ready to tackle your study.

4. Set a small goal
 A small goal could be read 1 page of your text book or write one paragraph 

5. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal.
The bigger the goal the bigger the reward. Set yourself small, achievable goals first and build on them. It's up to you to work out a fair reward system.

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