Friday, 27 September 2013

Didn't get the mark you wanted? 5 things to help you bounce back

We've all been there at some stage- we've received a mark and thought 'wtf!'

Whether it's an undergrad assignment mark, a postgrad assignment mark, a thesis report or article feedback, here are 5 ways to bounce back from an unexpected 'bad' mark:

1.Re-read the comments.
Usually the feedback doesn't seem so bad reading it the second time around.

2. Ask yourself, is the mark really that bad?
Just because you received a lower mark than expected, it doesn't mean you won't do better on the next assignment. It's not how much effort that's put in, it's how well the criteria was addressed. If you really bombed, make it up on your next assignment, or even contact your tutor for help on the next assignment.

3. Accept - that it's a one off, lower than expected mark. Write it off as an assignment that doesn't count. We all have bad hair days- put this assignment in that box.

4. Think about what you can do to avoid this again- if you haven't thrown the assignment in the 'bad hair day' box. Put a plan into action. Such as 'next assignment, I will have someone proof read it' or ' I will check off the criteria sheet' or ' if I need to clarify something,I will ask the question'. No harm in asking!

5. If you still think you have been hard done by on your mark (except in the case of article feedback, where you would either take on board the feedback and chuck it or take on board the feedback and act on it), ask the course coordinator for clarification or a re-mark. But first ask yourself, 'is a re-mark really crucial in the scheme of things?'. Especially as in the end it may only gain you a mark or two.

What do you do to get over an unexpected 'bad' mark?

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