Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why network - I'm only doing an undergraduate degree

Networking is important if you're working, looking for your next promotion or studying for your doctorate.
But why is it also important whilst studying for your first degree. Here are the top five reasons.

1. Building the networks for your future. Remember the old adage, it's not what you know but who you know! Well to an extent is it certainly helpful. Who you meet now may not necassrilt be able to help you now but look to the future.

2. Employability. Are you looking for job while you're studying? If not, you most certainly want to be working by the time you finish your degree. If you haven't joined LinkedIn yet, take a look at joining now. Start by connecting with past co-workers, peers and university tutors and lecturers.

3. If you like to socialise, there are usually some great neetworking events and sometimes with free food. If you're lucky enough, free drinks too. 

4. Networking with people already in your industry can help with any industry placements that you may have to do as part of your degree. The professional conversations you have with people already in your industry can further motivate to complete your studies.

5. Networking can be fun meeting people from all types of jobs. You may even reconnect with people you already know that you didn't realise were in the same or similar industry.

 Networking opens doors and I know from my experience, these are my top 5 reasons to network.

What have your positive experiences been from networking whilst studying?

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