Saturday, 8 November 2014

Top 10 ways to keep writing

It can be hard to keep writing and find new words so here are StudyBreak's best tips for writing.

StudyBreak’s top 10 writing tips

*  Just start writing – begin with 10- 15 minutes

*  Don’t worry about editing and correct references for first draft

*  Keep all versions of your work e.g. titlev1, titlev2

*  Work out your best writing time

*  Set aside at least 2 hours, three days a week for ‘Golden Writing’ time.

*  Take an idea/question from today’s writing to explore tomorrow

*  Write about everything. E.g. If you read then write, summarise workshops you attend

*  Blog about your research journey

*  Use ‘frame writing’ to get started

*  To conquer writer’s block – record your thoughts verbally and write from the recordings

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