Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Email etiquette - 10 things to get right

Ten things to get right when sending emails. Whether it's to a tutor, lecturer, colleague, client, peer or potential employer.

1. Use a salutation. I prefer Good morning/ afternoon. This also depends on how well you know the recipient as 'hi' may also be appropriate.
2. Use kind regards, your name, rather than KR, your name (I saw this just yesterday!)
3. Keep it simple without 'text talk'. For example 'u' for 'you'
4 once 'send' is pressed, it's gone so re-read before sending
5. If you are unsure whether to send it- don't
6. When bulk emailing, use BCC (blind carbon copy) to keep addresses confidential. Use your own email in the 'to' line.
7. Always be polite- email is not necessarily confidential and is proof in digital form.
8. Check that you have an appropriate subject line. Use maximum of three words if possible to sum up what your email is about
9. Don't send an email full of negative emotion. Leave it a day or two and then decide whether you need to change the email or if it is worth sending at all.
10. Check you have attached the file if you are sending one with the email.

There you have it. StudyBreak's top 10 'rules' for writing and sending an email.

Do you have any email 'rules' you could add?

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