Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cybersafety - reduce your risks

It won't happen to me. I don't write anything anyone would target me about.
TROLLS, they don't care if you haven't written anything at all, you can still be their next prey. You can be targeted for all types of reasons, whether trolls know you personally or not, targeted cyber harrassment occurs and you have no control over their actions but you do have control over yours.

The main reason trolls target others are;
- they like the feeling of power (even if it makes them look stupid!)
- they thrive on the feeling they have control of others (but they do not!)
- their own self perception is poor and trolling provides instant gratification for them

What they (the trolls) don't realise is that ongoing cyber harrassment is against the law and if people that know them and know what they are doing have any sense they won't be friends with them for much longer.

Being a bystander of a person you know who posts something publically online and you either get in on the attack (secondary cyber harasser) or stand back and let it happen- you are being part of the problem too, instead of being part of the solution. 

If you are harassed by an online troll there a number of things you can do depending on the mode of they use to attack. For example, on Facebook, posts and messages can be reported. On email, addresses can be blocked. 

The key is not to retaliate because the trolls themselves are the ones that own the problem. Their behaviour is not socially acceptable.

If cyber harrassment continues, ensure all cyber attacks are documented by either saving files or taking screenshots. 

If it bothers you more than it should, talk to a trusted person or seek professional help.

Below are so,e helpful sites that can offer support.

You are not alone- don't let the trolls win.


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