Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Studying and Parenting - It can be done!

Studying while you have young children can be done! It just requires some organisation and routine. Depending on how young your children are, I recommend using child care two days per week. These will become your study days. If money is a problem or your child/ren are too young to attend child care, focus on their sleep times to get your study completed.

Organisation is key. I recommend using a digital diary that syncs with all your devices but the ‘old fashioned’ diary is just as good. Schedule in all family events, extracurricular activities and assignment due dates. Work out the regular days you can do study and write ‘study’ on those days.  Aim to set aside two full days.

From your unit information and study schedule provided by your tertiary institution you will see what is required for the first week. So, if it is article XYZ and chapter 1 and 2 of your text for unit EDNE then write that down under your first ‘study’ day. As you complete your study, tick off what you achieve. If you don’t get it done the first day transfer the work to your next study day.

Organise study around your life. Print off and read articles before you go to bed, take your text book to the hairdresser or when you take your child to their gymnastics class. That’s an extra hour of work you can tick off your study schedule that week! Look for opportunities to do a little bit of extra study. If you have an assignment due or an examination coming up, ensure you have organised time without your children so you can get the assignment polished and you’re pre-prepared to sit your examination – even if it is online, peace and quiet is needed!

There will be days that you will think ‘this is all too hard’ but remind yourself of the final outcome and what that will provide for you and your family. Reward yourself when you finish an assignment or when you do extra study. Take regular breaks to walk the dog or do something one on one with your child. Keep yourself motivated because you can do this!

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